Tara and Matt Theilen

Matt and Tara Theilen

"With Good Intent"

How often do you ask yourself why you became a photographer? We are not talking about the frustrated negative self-talk that happens after a 10hour editing day. We are asking you to really step back and ponder not only why you photograph but for whom do you photograph? When is the last time you deliberately meditated over your choice of profession, your chosen path and whether it truly brings you happiness? Are you working with good intent?

We are Matt and Tara Theilen, welcome to our amazingly blessed world. We met in 1998 when Matt was living in his VW van, spending winters rock climbing in Joshua Tree while Tara was finishing up graduate school in Tucson. Over the next 9 years we were friends living our lives in different places. We would see each other and hang out from time to time, mostly high up on a rock face or on some long, mosquito-ridden approach in the Sierras. We were both rock climbers and sought out the solitude and adventure of the mountains. In 2007 a tragedy brought us together (this is a story best told in person) and we needed to be near each other, so Tara moved out to Lake Tahoe. We soon fell in love with each other and naturally, we united forces photographing weddings and building this amazing business together. We have never looked back. Our little family in the mountains consists of our creatively quirky and curious daughter Zoe and our dog Belle. We love photographing in the mountains but truth be told, we love photographing weddings period. It doesn’t matter where or when it is, or how big or how small, it’s the people and the relationships that keep us coming back for more. We laugh and cry behind our cameras at every wedding and feel privileged to preserve the memories of one of the most significant days in our client’s lives.