Sergio is a wedding photographer based in Tucson, Arizona. His goals are to capture images full of personality, emotion and badassedness. Throughout the years he has been invited to participate in workshops and conferences all over the USA, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Mexico, Bali, Brazil and Amsterdam.

Sergio graduated as an electrical engineer and worked as such for many years until he decided to become a wedding photographer after attending his brother’s wedding in 2003 where he truly fell in love with weddings and discovered how fun it was to photograph them. His images have received multiple awards from many prestigious organizations throughout the years. He was named Fearless Top Ten photographer of 2011 and American Photo Magazine Top Ten wedding photographer of 2012. For the last 10 years he has also won the award of “best wedding photographer in the world” by his mom.


Think, see and feel.
An effective formula to discover and capture real images that have emotional impact and power. During this talk Sergio will share details about his own personal system to capture moments at weddings. There will also be one live demonstration using volunteers from the audience.