Monica Muñoz

Mónica Muñoz The Wild Brides

 Program: RAW! 

A picture is like a stab! the technique is in the blood, you just have to react with your instinct to capture a moment… That`s a wedding photography for me. Instinct, honesty, empathy, essence, consistency…these are 5 basics of this work. At Mystic Seminars I want to show you a way to connect your RAW version with your couples, and reflect your STORY in your weddings work based on this 5 basics. Just get involved! 

About: I am Monica Muñoz, I am 36 years old, I have been a photographer for 20 years and almost 3 dedicated to weddings; In parallel I do social documentaries in analog photography, photos of music gigs, generally of Hardcore Punk music and I have worked in magazines of sports, newspapers and agencies. I love documenting simple moments, the everyday life, I dedicate myself to document anti-princess brides, those who gives everything as if the world is over tomorrow in their weddings… the Wildbrides.