Mathieu Louis-Seize

Mathieu Louis-Seize
Green Tea Photography

"Making Mountains out of Mole-Hills - Creating Epic Photos in Less-Than- Epic Locations"

Ottawa is more known for its year-round construction, excessive signage, salt stained cars and copious amounts of french fries soaked in gravy with cheese.  Turquoise waters, giant forests, golden fields and majestic mountains tend to be in short supply around these parts.  I would love to share with you how we manage to rise above our cherished, yet less-than- epic environment, and still manage to make impactful photos that truly stand out and touch people’s hearts.

Bio: Better than cheesecake on a Wednesday!  We are Matt and Ann, a husband and wife team based out of Ottawa, Canada, and the creators of of the deliciously delectable - Green Tea Photography.

We met 10 years ago on a cold winter’s day over a steaming cup of green tea and have never looked back ever since!

We love to make colourful photos that are full of life and good for the soul while sharing more than a few hugs and high-fives along the way!  Some of our other obsessions in life range from our ridiculously funny, sweet and shockingly wise 5-year-old little boy named Enlai, the spiciest food you can imagine, old school Chinese Kung Fu novels on repeat for Ann, and talking to random strangers with his heart wide open for Matt.