Makayla Jade

Makayla Jade Harris sponsored by Millers Professinal Imaging 

The Art of Selling & Serving

Generate 3x more income and glowing referrals through effective client communication. You don't have to be overly sales-y to create high-end revenue.  In “The Art of Selling & Serving” you’ll learn how to propel your business through the process of storytelling, confident pricing, carefully curated content, client conditioning, and effective sales strategy so you can book clients that triple their initial investment AND leave raving reviews.


After taking unpaid maternity leave and then being laid off (talk about rock bottom!), I decided to combine my passion for photography and previous career in business consulting in an attempt to support my newly acquired mortgage and growing family.   It took a year of shooting & burning to realize the lifestyle and income I desired had put me on the fast track to burnout.  I knew my business needed a serious transformation in order to be sustainable and thriving.  It forced me to really sit down and think about what I loved about photography, which aspects were rewarding, most meaningful, and how I could provide that to my clients and make a difference in their lives.  It all came down to one thing: Print.   I started selling products out of our small Boston apartment, and with the support of my superhero husband, transformed our paycheck to paycheck lifestyle into a multi-six figure business that allows us to spend more time with our kids, travel around the world, and only do the work we are truly passionate about.   

I’ve shared  the techniques and philosophies we use to connect with couples, deliver an authentic product-driven experience, and serve $20k clients through features in Rangefinder, Fstoppers, Click, and Professional Photographers Magazine.  I fuel my passion for entrepreneurship by helping other photographers skyrocket their sales, and build a business that offers abundance and balance.