Jim Pollard

Jim Pollard goes click is a family run wedding photography business, ran equally by Vicky and Jim, with occasional but inspired input from their kids Charlie and Toby. Jim does most of the photography and editing, whilst Vicky actually runs the business. Located amongst the mountains and lakes of the Southern Alps of New Zealand. From a combination of the environments in which they've lived and worked, they've forged an international reputation of their emotive and distinctive environmental portraits and intertwining that with genuine storytelling. 

Jim grew up in South West England, spending much of his time hiking through wilderness areas or on the neighboring rivers and seas. A passionate desire to see the world and a love of snowboarding led him to New Zealand. Vicky grew up on high country sheep stations in the South Island of New Zealand, she desired to see the world and loved snowboarding too and they met in Steamboat Springs Colorado as Snowboard Instructors. They then travelled the globe chasing winters until finally settling down in New Zealand. 

The talk; Epic Portraits. 

One of the more prominent elements of their wedding photography is Jim's ability to capture a couple's special moment somewhere special to them, be it an urban or natural setting. Jim looks forward to spending some time talking with those at Mystic about these portraits. He'll discuss what are they are and where they've come from. Why we even do them, and not only how he does them, but how you the attendee can improve your own. He intends it to be more an interactive talk rather than just a one way presentation.