Charmi Patel Peña

I’m not one of those photographers that was born with a camera in my hand. I come from a family where the acceptable career choices were: doctor, lawyer, investment banker… you get the idea. While medicine appealed to me for a long time, I double majored in economics and IT at Rutgers University just because… Then, I met the love of my life and my whole world changed. He gifted me a camera to keep me busy while I figured out what the career should be. – A gift ended up changing the trajectory of my life.

I’m not at your wedding to simply “take pictures”. I’m there to preserve memories and give you a carefully curated collection of images you will fall in love with. In a wedding day, I’m all in for my couple. If that means I’m going to be photographer/seamstress/bobby pin fixer/windsor knot tie tyer/family appeaser, I’m in! I love what I do not because I love the camera, but because of the people who I get to know through those lenses. It’s a privilege to witness your day and an honor to preserve your story for generations to come.