Gurvir Johal is an international wedding photographer based in Birmingham, UK with the titles of Master Photographer (WPPI) and Fellowship Photographer (SWPP). Recently married, he truly understands the importance of small intimate moments between couples. He refers to his style of photography as fairytale timeless classics with an injection of fashion.

Wedding Portraits Done in 15 Minutes!

Have you ever been short on time to create portraits for the bride or groom? Ever stuck on posing? In this presentation, Gurvir will demonstrate his approach to wedding portraits and how he is able to create his images within 15 minutes. With his lighting and posing techniques, you will leave with a fresh look on how to create portraits quickly with a variety of images for the wedding album. Also, lighting can be a struggle for many photographers. Gurvir will showcase how he uses available light along with artificial light (LED, strobes, etc.) when creating his images. Beginning with a simple one light setup and building up using as many as five lights, Gurvir will demonstrate a variety of ways he lights faces while posing the couples in his images.


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