I was born in Puebla, Mexico and moved to the US at age 18 to get a degree in Computer Science. In the year 2002 I discovered photography and started working as the University's Newspaper photographer. After graduating from Computer Science I worked and a photojournalist for about a year and a half and a couple of years later decided to shoot weddings full time for a living. I'm excited about shooting with incredible ambient light, shooting in the most beautiful locations in Mexico and about giving pictures to my clients more than taking pictures for them.

Presenting: LUZ MEXICANA

Photography is much more than a reflection of ourselves, it is a reflection also of every aspect of our lives that makes us who we are, our limitations, our worries, our issues as well as our strengths, if we look close to our photography and more specifically, if we pay attention to our flaws in our photography, our own work can show us that the answers to fix our photographic problems lie directly on fixing our personal problems. We can find answers to become a better photographer and a better person simply by paying close attention to light, moment and composition.