I believe that People are more important than anything on this earth.

I believe that success starts with self-worth

I believe that you must never stop thrashing. 

Ben Hartley is an international award winning wedding photographer and commercial videographer. His work has been featured on Creative Live, The Today Show, Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan and countless blogs. He is the host of the weekly Six Figure Photography Podcast to help inspire, empower & challenge photographers towards their purpose.


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Some of the most talented photographers in the world are not making the most for their art ... many are just scraping by. 

As much as we want to blame our clients, location, competition or industry we have only one person to blame. Can you guess who? 

I'll show you the critical steps it takes to grow your photography business while not losing sight of why we do what we do. Because we can't give our clients memories, artwork, feels or value if we aren't in business.